Post a job to start comparing quotes

Adding a listing is completely free and can be done in a matter of seconds. Simply enter details on the nature of your item that is being collected and enter the location for collection and drop-off. Enter as much details as possible at this stage to receive accurate quotes.

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Review quotes from Transport Providers

Transport Providers will bid upon your job. You then have the choice to select your preferred Provider by comparing ratings, feedback, price and date range. Accept the quote which suits you, and book with ease.


Secure your booking

To secure your chosen Transport Provider, you are required to pay to Ship Mango. This payment is taken after you have accepted a quote and can be paid either through our Secure Payment Gateway (which accept all major credit and debit cards), through PayPal or offline. No hidden extras. The Transport Provider will be paid by Ship Mango on product delivery.


Collection and Drop-off

On the day of collection make sure your items are securely wrapped to prevent any chance of them getting damaged in transit. Currently available in South Africa and Zimbabwe.